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Plymouth, Britain’s ‘Ocean City’, is fast becoming one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities. It’s scenic location, between the beautiful South West coastline and the charming Dartmoor National Park, makes it a perfect location for summertime tourists and a flourishing local community.

Plymouth is a hip, contemporary city with great shopping, arts and entertainment that keep the city happy and busy.

Plymouth’s economy is strongly influenced by traditional maritime activities. Seafaring takes ferries to France and Spain, and the defence sector employs many people in the region due to its coastal location. The city has gone undertook some urban redevelopment in many years, with the ‘Vision for Plymouth’ initiative that hopes to take the population to 300,000, looking to build on its current industries, and capitalise as a tourist destination.

Taxi Advertising operates in this significant city within the south western peninsula, allowing you to broadcast your unique brand message to this community of easy going, high-spending individuals. Reach audiences along the quaint, picturesque Barbican and Sutton Harbour, or the famous nearby Mayflower Museum where tourists gather and learn about the historic Pilgrim departure from the UK to the US in 1620.

Black cabs are instantly recognisable and we can help your creative become truly eye-catching with the backdrop of Britain’s ‘Ocean City’.

Taxi Advertising Formats in Plymouth

As with all of the cities in which we operate, we have a variety of taxi advertising formats available to suit all campaigns. Let your creative cut through the crowd with our premium Liveried Taxi product. Our dedicated Account Managers are on hand to help find the perfect solution to reach your desired audience.

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Whatever your campaign requirements, we will find the right taxi advertising solution for you and your business. Our rates are highly competitive and our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Taxi Advertising Plymouth - Key Stats

  • Population 263,100
  • Size 80 km²
  • Closest airport Exeter International Airport
  • Main train stations Plymouth Railway Station
  • Industries Maritime, Service Sector, Tourism

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