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Taxi Advertising is a proven out-of-home advertising format utilising the iconic shape of the Black Taxi. It is used by brands and companies to deliver impactful marketing messaging to a premium, urban-based audience in towns and cities across the UK. Read on to find how our leading Taxi Advertising services can help your brand stand out.

London Taxis are an essential part of London’s transport system and are part of city life. The iconic shape of the taxi is recognisable worldwide and is synonymous with London and the UK.

Branded taxis spend their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied audience. In simple terms, Taxi Advertising has the potential to capture an entire city’s audience. Press, Radio, TV, Tube, Airport and Digital formats all have their own benefits, but none can match the impact and universal coverage of Taxi Advertising.

Place your brand in the UK’s key business, retail, entertainment and residential areas in city centres; places of interest and hot spots in London and the major towns and cities across the UK. Our fleet of Branded Taxis has access to all of the main transport hubs in Central London including all of the major rail stations, the Eurostar Terminal, and Heathrow and London City Airports.

Our reach has expanded exponentially in recent years, so wherever you’re based in the UK, our team can help with your next out of home campaign. Some of our key locations include Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Cardiff, to name but a few.

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