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Taxi Advertising Facts

Taxi Advertising has grown rapidly to become the premium advertising channel of choice for reaching an urban audience of millions.

Each taxi travels hundreds of miles each week, stopping at thousands of destinations and creating millions of impressions on your potential customer base.

Need more convincing? Here are just some of the facts of taxi advertising.

Taxi Advertising Facts - Key Stats

  • Each London taxi is seen 8 million times every month
  • 65% of people that see Branded Taxis are ABC1s
  • 80% of ABC1s can recall a Taxi Advert they have seen in the past week
  • One London taxi is used by 1,100 passengers every month
  • The average journey time in Central London taxi is 25 minutes
  • 33% of all journeys taken to and from Heathrow are by licensed taxi
  • 90% of people agree that Taxi Adverts are easy to spot on the street
  • Londoners who see taxi advertising are 30% more likely to be ABC1 than those who see bus advertising

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