Taxi Advertising solutions for maximum impact

Taxi Advertising Formats

We have a full range of Taxi Advertising solutions to ensure your campaign delivers maximum impact.

Fully Liveried Taxis

Fully Liveried Taxis are our premium product. Every part of the taxi is branded making your brand stand out from the crowd in a busy city centre.

Superside Taxis

Superside Taxis offer superb impact at a cost effective price. Superside Taxis are ideal for short and medium term campaigns and can be booked in large volumes for campaigns that require high coverage and frequency and immediate impact.


90% of taxi passengers are ABC1s. An average journey time of 25 minutes gives advertisers an ideal opportunity to reach this premium audience as they sit in an isolated, comfortable environment. Seat Adverts deliver your message in greater detail.

Branded Receipts

Taxi receipts are given to and more importantly kept by the consumer at the end of their journey. The Branded Receipts are produced to your design using any content you wish.

Taxi Miniatures

Like the real thing but smaller! We offer the perfect corporate gift; fantastic die cast miniatures of your branded taxis. Hand finished, boxed and mounted models are a perfect accompaniment to your campaign.

The models can be produced in three different sizes, 1/18 scale, 1/43 scale and 1/64 scale.

Rear Windows

Rear Window Advertising uses a two-way, contra-vision vinyl that ensures the passengers can look out of the taxi, without it compromising the solidity of the advert when viewed from outside the taxi.

These eye level adverts add more overall advertising space and a further branding opportunity.

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