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Aberdeen, a picturesque city situated between the North Sea and Rivers Dee and Don, is Scotland’s third most populous city. Since the discovery of North Sea oil in the 70s, Aberdeen became known as the offshore oil capital of Europe

Its energy industry thrived, attracting both national and international investment. But as oil reserves began to diminish, efforts to rejuvenate Aberdeen have led to widespread developments in energy technology and renewable energy. As a result, Aberdeen’s successful diversification has made it the UK’s 2nd highest city for employment.

Taxi Advertising operates in Aberdeen, a city famous for its 45 parks and gardens, and winner of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom award 10 times. We have creative solutions to help your advertisements blend in with this picturesque backdrop.

You can tailor your brand message to any city and align with its distinctive character, such as Aberdeen’s ‘Silver City’ aesthetic, coming from its silver granite buildings that sparkle when the sun shines.

Taxi Advertising Formats in Aberdeen

As with all of the cities in which we operate, we have a variety of taxi advertising formats available to suit all campaigns. Work with a dedicated Taxi Advertising Account Manager to find the perfect product, with lead times as little as three days.

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Whatever your campaign requirements, we will find the right Taxi Advertising solution for you and your business. Our rates are highly competitive and our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Taxi Advertising Aberdeen - Key Stats

  • Population 196,700
  • Size 65 km²
  • Closest airport Aberdeen Airport
  • Main train station Aberdeen Railway Station
  • Industries Energy, Fishing, Technology

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