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The beautiful city of Edinburgh, steeped in culture and history, is the capital of Scotland and is one of the UK’s most important cities.

It boasts the strongest economy of any city outside of London, has the UK’s highest percentage of professionals within its population, with 43% holding a degree or professional qualification and is the UK’s second most popular tourist spot, attracting over 1.5 million tourists a year.

The economy reflects its population. Edinburgh is one of the UK’s top centres for Financial Services, with a long tradition in Banking – the Royal Bank of Scotland was established in 1695. Today, this economy is backed by Edinburgh-based companies, and supported by other growing industries such as scientific research, higher education and tourism.

Taxi Advertising in Edinburgh can help connect your brand with this very affluent customer base – we can help you craft the right message, to the right audience and at the right time.

Do not miss out on Edinburgh’s, and the art worlds, annual highlight, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The world’s largest arts festival attracts 4.4 million tourists to the city every year, and should be in every brand calendar to reach a rich variety of national and international audiences.

Taxi Advertising Formats in Edinburgh

We utilise a variety of formats that perfectly broadcast your brand across an icon black cab taxi.

Taxi Advertising is built on helping its client’s use premium advertising to reach urban audiences of millions. Our ethos of hard work and excellent customer service ensures that your creative capitalises on our portfolio of formats in the best possible way to deliver a successful campaign.

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Taxi Advertising Edinburgh - Key Stats

  • Population 488,000
  • Size 264 km²
  • Closest airport Edinburgh Airport
  • Main train stations Edinburgh Waverley
  • Industries Finance, Education, Tourism

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