Sharps Pixley taxi campaign

We love it when a client demands something new & with the Sharps Pixley branded taxis we got exactly that. Gold taxi you ask? Ok, that is something new, but we will deliver that for you.

Take a look at the fantastic results below. These really are stunning, eye catching fully liveried taxis that we are very proud of.

Sharps Pixley are setting out to simplify and demystify the gold market. To expand the reach of precious metals. To make them more comprehensible and create new ways that people can invest in them. It is no secret that Sharps Pixley and our parent Degussa are pioneering new ways of accessing and promoting these exciting markets… creating a ‘new gold standard’ if you like. The rationale for owning physical gold is arguably stronger than ever before.

If you would like to know more about Sharps Pixley please take a look at their website Sharps Pixley.

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