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Taxi Advertising Design Tips

So you’ve booked your campaign and now comes the exciting bit; creating your taxi design and seeing it implemented in real life. But what are the best ways of getting your message across and what are the possible pitfalls?

Every one of our clients is as different as their campaign objectives, but the canvas is the same; the world-famous Black Taxi. But what is the best approach to using space when it comes to communicating your campaign message through Taxi Advertising? Should you embrace the purity of simple, effective branding, or get as much information across to your audience as possible?

There isn’t just one definitive answer.

Detailed imagery vs bold statements

Taxis travel both quickly and slowly about a city, so some level of detail in your imagery can be effective when the vehicle moves slowly or is stationary. However, you’ll undoubtedly want to stand out, so strong branding or images will be key to achieving this. What about making the taxis look like your product? There’s so much creative licence with such an iconic shape and your options are virtually limitless.

The main areas for branding are the sides (a London taxi is nearly 5 metres long!), the bonnet and the roof.

“But no one can see the roof!”

Ah, but London is a tall city. Think how many people sit on buses, or in office blocks looking down. Other key areas can be the roofline above the rear windscreen, which can be clearly seen by traffic behind. Your website URL sits very nicely in this spot.

Help is at hand

If this all sounds terribly complicated, don’t worry. We have an in-house design team should you need it, and our print studio will be there to make sure your advert is going to look just as you envisaged.

All of our products have their own design templates and guide. They are mainly Illustrator and/or layered PDF files. A tech sheet will also be supplied.

How about trying out your brand on our Taxi Advertising design template by following the link below?

View and download our Taxi Advertising design template

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