A look back at some stand-out Taxi Advertising campaigns

7 of our most creative Taxi Advertising campaigns


We ran a campaign for one of the nation’s favourite confectionary brands back in 2012 and this one really stands out for us. The campaign ran through the summer, which was very fitting with the fun, vibrant designs with the classic Cadbury colours.

2Sara Miller

In 2017 we worked with UK designer Sara Miller to launch her Portmeirion collection. Using an eye-catching, signature flamingo design, we ensured the campaign got maximum visibility across London. This was perhaps our most memorable and certainly the most photographed campaign we’ve ever run.


We worked with KPMG, one of the ‘big four’ accounting organisations, to produce four creatives with a shared theme. KPMG made good use of Superside Taxi advertising with smart, eye-catching designs to effectively communicate their Changing Futures campaign.

4Frey Wille

In 2012 we launched a Taxi Advertising campaign for well-known Austrian Jewellers, Frey Wille. The Full Livery and Interior advertisements used a clean, crisp design and the use of detailed imagery allowed us to showcase some of their beautiful designer jewellery.

5Vita Coco

The unmistakable drinks brand came to us in 2018 to promote their new rage of sparkling beverages. This really is branding at it’s best – Full Livery Advertisements used to good effect with fun, eye-catching, vibrant designs.

6Sharps Pixley

This campaign from Sharps Pixley is a real stand-out for us. The gold and white cabs naturally turned heads around London and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our printing capabilities and wrapping skills. We think you’ll agree that these cabs look well and truly at home outside Buckingham Palace.


We work with businesses of all sizes, but we love having the opportunity to work with global brands. We worked with Adobe on a memorable campaign with two eye-catching Full Livery designs promoting their digital solutions.

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