28 November 2016

Advertising to target Heathrow passengers

Branded London Taxis service Heathrow Airport as well as Central London reaching an international and national business and tourism audience. Heathrow is Europe is busiest airport and our taxis transport passengers in and out of Heathrow into Central London.

Taxi Advertising offers advertisers a unique opportunity to target air passengers at Europe’s busiest airport, advertising on a worldwide recognised icon, the London Taxi.

When passengers travel to and from the airport there is also the opportunity to reach them with a more detailed message using our Interior tip-up seat advertising package. 90% of taxi passengers are ABC1s. An average journey time of 23 minutes gives advertisers an ideal opportunity to reach this premium audience as they sit in an isolated, comfortable environment.

Have a look at some of our clients who have specifically targeted both Central London and Heathrow airport in successful Taxi Advertising campaigns below.

For more information please contact the team on +44 (0)207 3810460.

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Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising

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