08 May 2013

Rightmove Taxi Advertising in London

Taxiadvertising.com were delighted to launch a Taxi Advertising campaign for Rightmove earlier in 2013. The campaign of Fully Liveried taxis with the strap line “moving Londoners” also used interior seat advertising and branded receipt pads.

Taxis are eye catching, brand-building, iconic and a blank canvas for your creative; everyone comes into contact with Taxi Advertising during their day. Retail, corporate, leisure and tourist audiences are all influenced by Taxi Advertising as an advertising medium.

10 million people live in Greater London and an additional 3 million people commute in every day. 30 million tourists visit London every year and there are nearly 50 million business trips into London every year. Every single one of these people comes into contact with Taxi Advertising.

86% of taxi passengers are the difficult to influence ABC1 audience. Approximately 1,300 passengers per month use each taxi and around 400 of these ask for a receipt. This premium, influential and wealthy audience is captured in each taxi for a current average journey time of 23 minutes.

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