07 November 2014

Myla Taxi Advertising

Myla have launched a Taxi Advertising campaign to celebrate their 15 year anniversary.

The branded taxis have special treats for passengers this week. Hail a taxi in London to find out more!

Founded in 1999, Myla is a much loved luxury brand with British roots, known for its intricate detailing and exquisite fabrics. Exclusive Leavers’ Lace, hand-cut from centuries-old looms in Calais; sleepwear handmade in an Italian atelier; intricate Austrian embroidery; soft silks; and rose gold detailing – all couture-crafted, Myla prides itself on innovative design and a perfect fit, making every piece an indulgent treat of exceptional quality and a true work of art.

The evocative range is available at exclusive department stores such as Selfridges and Harrods as well as our own boutique.

Inspired by the allure of femininity, Myla continues to lead the market through its passion for elegance and the knowledge that women will always want to feel beautiful and special.

Have a look at the taxis in further detail below.

Myla Lingerie Harrods

Ubiquitous Taxi Advertising

discount vouchers

Myla Lingerie Selfridges Taxis

Lingerie Advertising Taxis

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