03 May 2012

Hangzhou Tourism Taxi Advertising Campaign

Taxiadvertising.com are delighted to announce the launch of the Taxi Advertising campaign for the Chinese Tourism Agency in Hangzhou. The campaign of 100 fully liveried taxis (launched in stages throughout 2012) can be seen in London now!

Hángzhōu, the capital of Zhèjiāng, is one of China’s most famous tourist sites. Located at the southern end of the Grand Canal and surrounded by fertile farmlands, the City has been a significant cultural centre for hundreds of years. 20 million tourists visit Hangzhou per annum to see the legendary West Lake (Xī Hú), a truly beautiful sight.

Praised by emperors and revered by poets, the lake has figured large in the Chinese imagination for centuries. With its willow-lined banks, ancient pagodas and mist-covered hills, being here is like stepping into a classical Chinese watercolour. West Lake is a delight to explore.

In the Yuan Dynasty, the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo described this Hangzhou as the finest and most splendid City in the world.

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