10 February 2015

Dayuse.com Superside Taxi Advertising

Day Use, the online hotel reservation platform has launched a Superside Taxi Advertising campaign in London this week.

The branded taxis can be seen in further detail below.

DAY USE (www.dayuse.com) is an online hotel reservation platform, leader in it’s category, offering the possibility to book rooms during the day in 3 to 5 star/upscale hotels.

The French Startup, DAY USE launched in September 2010 and is currently opening a second office in Miami. DAY USE offers its services in 12 different countries already and counts more than 1,000 renowned hotel partners.

Do you remember the day you needed a room for a couple of hours? Whether you’re looking for a boutique hotel with good WiFi on a business trip; a resting place between two flights or a romantic room, DAY USE offers a wide selection of hotels that meets your standards and budget.

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