04 May 2017

10 Reasons why your brand should advertise on taxis

1. Liveries are creative! Modern application techniques actively encourage creativity ensuring an eye-catching, stand out advertising format. You can’t miss a well designed Fully Liveried taxi. Every panel, curve and surface is expertly wrapped in vinyl for maximum impact.

Taxi Advertising in London

2. Super Side production turn around ensure that this format is ideal for short burst campaigns. Super Sides offer exceptional value for high impact campaigns. For example, 100 SuperSide taxis for 4 weeks, will reach over 2 million of London’s ABC1 Adults.


3. Taxi Advertising’s potential reach of Londoners aged 15-34 is 30% higher than media seen on the London Underground

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4. Taxis work in and around all London airports. Three times as many frequent flyers who use Heathrow, London Gatwick, London City Airport and Stanstead see Taxi Advertising in a month compared to advertising at the airport. Taxi Advertising is standout media!

5. Each one of our taxis travels hundreds of miles each week, stopping at thousands of destinations, creating millions of impressions on your potential customer base.

Taxi wraps London

6. On average 90% of taxi passengers are ABC1. An average journey time is more than 20 minutes and the comfortable, captive environment, provides advertisers with valuable time to target this premium audience using our interior seat adverts.

7. Taxi receipts offer superb value for money reaching out to potential customers at the end of the journey. With a campaign of 50 taxis our drivers will hand out over 150,000 branded receipts in a 6 month period!

Out of Home Advertising

8. 81% of ABC1’s spontaneously recalled seeing a brand on a taxi.

9. On average a taxi travels 4,100 miles per month within Central London. We have London covered!


10. Taxiadvertising.com are an established, reputable supplier with an ethos of hard work and customer service. Over many years we’ve grown our customer base by consistently delivering successful campaigns above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Taxi Advertising

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